Desperate Need for Humanitarian Aid
In Lebanon

  The Lebanese Popular Congress and Civil Popular Defense have announced a medical emergency situation after
 9 days of the severe attack on Lebanon and the strengthened siege on its borders.

Together, we can help the huge number of injured and displaced who need urgent medical care

Donate to the Popular Aid Committee:

Account number: 10/477400

Audi Bank
Account number: 746772

For further information please contact our main office in Beirut- Bourj abi haidar-chahine build. – 1st floor.
P.O. Box: 14/5231 – Tel: 961-1-307616 – fax: 961-1-819650



Basic Needs for the Popular Aid Committee's Dispensaries and Medical Centers

1.      Ambulances to help injured and wounded persons.

2.       Electrocardiography

3.       Echography

4.       X-Ray (Radiography)

5.       Examination tables

6.      Tensio-meter

7.      E-N-T scope

8.      Surgical tools

9.     Screens to display environmental and sanitary movies

10.   Tools for the Civil Popular Defense such as muzzles, holders, cords, mattocks, shovels, sliding bags, costumes.

11.   Balances for babies

12.   Handicapped chairs

13.   Water beds

14.   Crutches in different sizes for all ages.


The Popular Aid Committee was established on April 20, 1978, as a non-governmental and non-profitable Lebanese association.

  • It runs 25 medical and social centers in Beirut and all over Lebanon (listed below)

  • To date, it has offered 2,500,000 medical services without religious or other distinction.

  • 7 members have been killed in war and 18 have been injured.  They have all made enormous sacrifices to save Lebanon.

  • Organizes different development program, including health prevention, environment protection, and technical training.

  • Works with the Ministry of Health and National Education and universal health organizations to run programs to eradicate and prevent diseases and the preserve the health of school children.

  • Participates in national and international congresses that study health and environment protection issues.

  • Participates in the campaigns of reforestation and coastal protection in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and “big blue” organization.

  • The Civil Popular Defense which is an active division of the POPULAR AID COMMITTEE, is ready and fully-equipped 24 hours a day to answer all people's calls.

  • For its good works, the POPULAR AID COMMITTEE has earned:

-    The Golden Order of Merit from the Lebanese Government

-     The Armor of the Internal Ministry

-     The Armor of the City Beirut and Tripoli

-     The Silver Medal of UNICEF

  • Placed first by the Arabic Research Center for civilian protection during catastrophic events.

  • Organized dozen of congresses, and security and environment protection sessions.

  • An active member in the Lebanese Popular Congress.

  • A leader in the prevention of diseases.

  • Member in the Lebanese assemblage of the environment protection.

  • Member of the Arabic non-governmental organizations (NGO).

  • A main member of the Arabic Federation of Crescent and Red Cross

  • Has regular publications and brochures to promote good health  


  1.   Social medical center in Burj Abi Haidar in Beirut (city center)

  2.   Social medical center in the southern suburb – Bir al Abed. This area population is about 750,000 persons.

  3.   The social medical center in Hay El Sollom in the southern suburb

  4.   The social medical center in Saida – south of Lebanon.

  5.    The social medical center in Shhim – Al-Kharroub province (about 50,000 persons with limited income).

  6.   The social medical center in Tripoli – north of Lebanon. This center is one of the most important centers in the city.

  7.   Social medical center in Baalbek – Bekaa

  8.   Social medical center in Aramoun (10 km from Beirut).


  1.  The charitable dispensary in Zaidanieh and Aishi Bakkar area in city center.

  2.  The charitable dispensary in Habboush in south of Lebanon. Habboush is a small village, which is considered as a low-income countryside area.

  3.  The charitable dispensary in Al-mina area in Tripoli – north of Lebanon.

  4.  The charitable dispensary in Al-fakiha – Al Bekaa.

  5.  Irsal charitable dispensary – Al Bekaa

  6.  Akroum charitable dispensary in Akkar area near Tripoli – north of Lebanon.

  7.  Al Dreeb charitable dispensary in Akkar area near Tripoli – north of Lebanon.

  8.  Wadi Khaled charitable dispensary in Akkar area near Tripoli – north of Lebanon.

  9.  Al-Chakdouf dispensary in Akkar area near Tripoli – north of Lebanon. This area in entirely neglected by the government.


  1.  Burj Abi haidar center – Beirut

  2.  Zaidanieh and Aishi Bakkar center – Beirut

  3.  Al-Kalaa (castle) center – Saida south of Lebanon

  4.  Bir El Abed center- southern suburb Lebanon mountain

  5.  Shheim center – Al-Kharroub province – Lebanon mountain.

  6. Tripoli center – north of Lebanon