The Arab American


The English Supplement of Al-Hewar Magazine

Volume 15,  No. 4             Fall 2004


At Al-Hewar Center: 

Helen Thomas: “Press Failed to Hold 

White House Accountable”


ADC President Mary Rose Oakar

Stresses Importance of Political Participation

Scholars and Experts Urge Sensible Foreign Policy

In Open Letter to the American People



The U.S. & the Middle East Three Years after 9/11

John L. Esposito 


Improving the Strategy to Combat Terrorism

Sadek J. Sulaiman


Hijacking the Place of Worship

Ghassan Rubeiz


The Tension Between East and West

Shafeeq Ghabra


The Media and Dialogue among Civilizations

Walid AbdelNasser


Conceptual Orientation and Social Development

Taysir Nashif