Volume 16, Number 3                                        Autumn 2005                                                           $5.00

The Arab American    DIALOGUE    ÇáÍæÇÑ

The English Supplement of “Al-Hewar” Magazine


Dr. Michael Hudson at Al-Hewar Center:

America Needs to Rethink Policies Toward Mid East


President Jimmy Carter:

This Isn’t the Real America


Rep. Ron Paul:

What If (It

Was All a

Big Mistake)?


Dr. Fuad Suleiman:

One Year

In Iraq


Ambassador of Saudi Arabia:

“We Must Fight Terrorism as One Strong World Community”


 “Dual Occupations, Dual Jeopardy”

A Report on the CNI Public Hearing on Capitol Hill


Letter to Karen Hughes: Why Your is Mission Doomed to Fail

By: Samar Dahmash Jarrah


Water: Fuel for Conflict in the Middle East


Dr. Philip Salem: Lifelong Dedication to Cancer Research

 Contributes to Major Breakthroughs


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