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The English Supplement of Al-Hewar Magazine


Volume 15,  No. 3             Summer 2004                                                   $ 5:00


At Al-Hewar Center:


Arab Americans are a “Centerpiece”

In this Election Year

Dr. James Zogby


‘Arabs in America’ or ‘Arab Americans’?

An analysis of an Al-Hewar Center discussion on Arab American identities and citizenship

Dr. Caroline Nagel & Prof. Lynn Staeheli


The Current Role of the U.S. in Iraq

David Ballard


 “…And What About Arab Christians?”

by Gabriel Habib


Bush’s Failed Mideast Policy Is Creating More Terrorism
U.S. Senator Ernest F. Hollings
Done Solo?                                    Clovis Maksoud
Why America Is Not Safer                 Paul Sullivan
How Do We Each Respond to Clash, Violence, and Conflict?
Sadek Jawad Sulaiman


Dialogue and Socio-Psychological Background
Taysir Nashif


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