Volume 17, Number 3 Spring/Summer 2007 $5.00

The Arab American


The English Supplement of Al-Hewar Magazine



Lebanon: Meaning And Message

Philip A. Salem, M.D.


To Compare Religions, Compare Their Ideals and Their Realities

John L. Esposito


Is Your Violence More Evil Than Mine?

Ghassan Rubeiz


About Sunnism and Shiism in Islam

Sadek Jawad Sulaiman


Palestinian and Lebanese Womens Voices Missing at the Negotiation Table

Alma AbdulHadi Jadallah

Palestinians Say Hamas and Fateh Equally Responsible for the Infighting

Samar Assad


Ziryab: A Social Trendsetter

Missing From The Western Hall of Fame Habeeb Salloum


Tale of a Little Arab Boy Majid Fakhry



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