The Arab American Dialogue
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Volume 12, No. 4, Spring 2001

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The Arab-American Dialogue is a cultural and political magazine published in metropolitan Washington, DC, by Al-Hewar Center, Inc. It is designed to serve Arab Americans and all others with an interest in events in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and the Arab World. Statements and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of
The Arab-American Dialogue.

Contents of Spring 2001 Issue of
The Arab American Dialogue

Al-Hewar Center:  Discussions of Depth and Diversity

Whither America, Israel and the Arabs in the
Quest for Middle East Peace?
by Dr. Khalid M. Abdalla

The Failure of the Oslo Process
by Naseer Aruri

U.S. Tax Dollars at Work: 
Calculating Foreign Aid to Israel
by Shirl McArthur

Sudanese-American Relations Reassessed: 
From Confrontation to Accommodation
by Dr. Ahmed E. Elbashir

 U.S.-Libya Relations After the Lockerbie Trial
United States Policy: Options, Interests and Concerns
Statement by A. Omar Turbi

Women and the Taliban
by Dr. Azizah Y. al-Hibri

Syria Reintegrates Into Global Economy
by Ghada H. Elnajjar 

The Anti-Zionist
by Dima Shehadeh

At Al-Hewar Center

The Flowering of Agriculture and Forestry
in The United Arab Emirates
by Habeeb Salloum

Islamic Activists Issue Statement Against 
Taliban Destruction of Buddhist Statues

The Territorial Significance of "Alladhi Barakna Hawlahu
 According to Muslim Commentaries of the Holy Quran

by Taysir Nashif

Supplicaton:  A Prayer by Ameen Rihani
Translated from the Arabic by Dr. Suheil Bushrui

a Poem by Dr .Adnan Salim


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