The Arab American Dialogue
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Volume 13, No. 4, Spring 2002

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The Arab-American Dialogue is a cultural and political magazine published in metropolitan Washington, DC, by Al-Hewar Center, Inc. It is designed to serve Arab Americans and all others with an interest in events in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and the Arab World. Statements and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of
The Arab-American Dialogue.


The State Department and the Middle East
by Dr. Jon B. Alterman

The Empowerment of the Arab Americaan Community
by Ziad Asali, MD

Positive Orientalism:  Islam in the Eyes of the West
by Dr. Mohammed Sharafuddin

Four Panelists Provide Tools to Explain Islam and Middle East


Language of the Middle East by Charley Reese

Arab-Americans: Some Reflections by Dr. Taysir Nashif

A Golden Reign of Tolerance by Mara Rosa Menocal

What Christians Don't Know about Israel by Grace Halsell

Christians of the World Should be Ashamed by Father Labib Kobti

Community Mourns Passing of Hala Maksoud and Fawzy Heikal

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