Olmert's War, and the Next One
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Antiwar.com, August 15

Bush and Condi Clash Over Israel; 
President Overrules Her for the First Time
Insight Magazine, August 8

The Grave Consequences of Supporting War in Lebanon
By Scott Ritter,
AlterNet, August 9


Lebanon and Gaza Invasions Planned Last Month 
In USA Meetings with Top Israeli Officials

by Wayne Madsen, July 25


Human Rights Watch: 
Some Israeli Attacks Amount to War Crimes


An interview with British MP George Galloway



An Appeal to Engage
Dr. Clovis Maksoud


Robert Fisk: This draft shows 
Who is running America's policy... Israel
The Independent, August 8, 2006


Goliath Pretending to be David
The Deadly US-Israeli Shell Game at the UN
Counterpunch, August 7, 2006
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What the US Media is Not Showing


Child Victims of Qana Massacre 2006


'You go a bit crazy when you see little body after little body 
coming up out of the ground
Huge numbers of children are being killed, injured or displaced 
in south Lebanon. Why are so many suffering in this conflict? 
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, The Guardian, August 2, 2006

Losing the Three-Front War
by Patrick Seale
Middle East Online, 3 August 2006 


Human Rights Watch report
"Fatal Strikes: Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon"


Stop the Band-Aid Treatment
We Need Policies for a Real, Lasting Middle East Peace

By Jimmy Carter, Washington Post, August 1, 2006


Key Republican Breaks with Bush on Mideast
Nebraska's Sen. Hagel calls for immediate cease-fire


The Water of Cana is Turned Into Blood
By His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP
Primate, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

July 31, 2006

How Can We Stand By and Allow This To Go On?
By Robert Fisk

Map of Israeli Bomb Strikes in Lebanon

Mr. Bush Just Doesn't Get It
by Khaled Almaeena, Special to Gulf News
July 28, 2006

Questions and Answers
The Invasion of Lebanon
by Uri Avnery

Neither the Power to Act, or to Influence
by Ben Tanosborn

Prominent Arab Americans Call for Ceasefire
Run Ad in Washington Post
(pdf file)

Belgian Doctor: Israel Using Chemical Weapons
Expatica, 20 July 2006

Israel and The Land
by Babu Ranganathan July 14, 2006

British PM Tony Blair Urged: Stand up to Bush and Call for Ceasefire
by Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor
The Independent, 28 July 2006

Lebanon: Bush’s Moment of Truth
by John L. Esposito
July 26, 2006

 Helplessly Hoping
Day 21, Troops Home Fast
    by Cindy Sheehan,  t r u t h o u t | Perspective
July 25, 

Fair Media? Talking Points to Urge Accurate Reporting

No, This Is Not 'Our War'
by Patrick J. Buchanan
July 21, 2006

Congress and the Israeli Attack on Lebanon: A Critical Reading
Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy in Focus, July 22, 2006 

Lebanon's Fate at the Hand of Israel
by Armen Kouyoumdjian

UN appalled by Beirut devastation

UN Secretary-General's Briefing to the Security Council 
On the Situation in the Middle East
July 20, 2006

Noam Chomsky  - The Murder Of A Nation
Lebanon - Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You

Posted 07/20/06 - Runtime 7 Minutes

Paradise Lost: Robert Fisk's Elegy for Beirut
The Independent, 19 July 2006

Please, President Bush: Don't Continue to Be Weak 
On Lebanon Crisis
by Ralph Nader,
Published on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 by CommonDreams.org

Western Media has Dropped the Ball 
by Failing to Tell the Real Story in Lebanon
by Marc J Sirois, Daily Star, July 20, 2006

Israel's Real War Objectives
by Elias Aoun, July 17, 2006

A Measured Response? Photos from the Bombing of Lebanon
Warning:  Photos are extremely graphic

Opinions in Arabic (html)

Beirut Neighborhood Completely Destroyed


Action Alert - Conflict Background and What You Can Do

Contact the Government - President, State Department, Representatives

Donate to Lebanese Popular Aid Committee

Emergency Relief and Reconstruction Funds for Lebanon

For Lebanon
(Humanitarian Aid)


Lebanon's "Daily Star"
(in English)

Yahoo Hot Zone

The Independent (UK)

BBC (English)

BBC (Arabic)

CNN (English)

CNN (Arabic)


Al-Jazeera English

Other News Sources

Mass burials