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Al-Hewar Center's 20th Anniversary Celebration 2014

Al-Hewar Center Celebrates
19th Anniversary

December 2013

Video Tribute for
Al-Hewar Center's 18th Anniversary

Al-Hewar Magazine 20th Anniversary Celebration Video


The Center for Arab Culture and Dialogue
Founded in 1994

Mailing Address: P. O. Box: 2104, Vienna, Virginia, 22180, USA

Al-Hewar Center Was Founded on December 18, 1994  -
26 Years Serving the Arab-American Community with Respectful, Inclusive Dialogue
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مقالات صبحي غندور عن قضايا مختلفة

Select Editorials and Interviews by Sobhi Ghandour
Founder and Executive Director of Al-Hewar Center

(in Arabic)

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تقارير إعلامية/فيديو عن بعض ندوات "مركز الحوار العربي" في واشنطن

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